The Digital Parchment Services Celebration Of Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Jody Scott

Deja Vu All Over Again

Jody speaks truths still all-too-relevant today in a searing, prescient essay penned during the Bush presidency.
    It's the fight of the century ladies and gents!
    In this corner at 440 pounds in brand new, designer satin red-white-and-blue trunks--AMERICA! And in that corner at 40 and one-eighth pounds, crummy, smelly, freezing to death with every rib sticking out, wearing a disgustingly dirty loincloth--AFGHANISTAN.

   Oh boy, at last we're all happy. We love a good fight; a good fight proves how brave we are. 
   Without a good, exciting war our lives are suddenly seen to be empty, pointless, wearisome, unbearable and when you come right down to it--utterly meaningless, so thank God (or the tooth fairy) for this brave new war of ours....

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