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Censorable Ideas Blog: Free Jody Scott Fiction

    Here are three pieces of free Jody Scott fiction from the blog "Censorable Ideas" at

Over time I will be sharing more free fiction: 

  • Never-before-published short stories. 
  • Her very first best-selling novel that won the MWA Edgar Award (decades out of print and impossible to obtain). 
  • Excerpts and outtakes from novels published and yet to be published. 
  • A photo album.
  • Other goodies.
    But all this will be only for subscribers to her newsletter "Jody Scott Info." Subscribe here.

    The "newsletter" is not run by a publisher, it is a personal email from me, Mary Whealen, Jody's spouse for 30 years and the executor of her literary estate, sent out 4 or 5 times a year. 

    Of course I hope the newsletter helps to sell books, that is after all the only way to assure publishers continue to bring out more of Jody's books, but I don't share or otherwise seek to monetize your contact info.  This is a labor of love, because I loved Jody and I love her writing. As do many others from Neil Gaiman to William Burroughs. 

     If you are interested in more free Jody Scott fiction, subscribe here.

-Mary Whealen

Link to free fiction

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