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How Jody Became a Land Baron, sort of (part 2)

It's no surprise Jody is an excellent salesman, because she is an excellent communicator; she can talk to anyone, can understand and acknowledge anyone without judgment. (A very handy ability for a writer.)
So when Jaffarian meets Jody he recognizes the answer as to how to make money with these thousands of Irondale lots. She pitches him a set of encyclopedias; he pitches her a proposal they go into business together.
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How Jody Became a Land Baron, sort of

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 Jody Scott, "the greatest writer you've never heard of," (F&SF Mag) and recipient of enough critical praise and peer recognition to choke a small pony, did not make money from her writing!  And yet she wrote full time, 5 or 6 hours a day almost every day for 40 years without having also to hold down a job.
    How she managed that has been the subject of some speculation. As Jody's spouse and business partner for 30 years I figured I would spill the beans here and now, entre nous as it were, as to exactly what we did to earn a living.
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