The Digital Parchment Services Celebration Of Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Jody Scott

The Beginnings of the Beat Generation

During the late 40's Jody lived in Berkeley with George and Nancy Leite.  They ran daliel's bookstore on Telegraph Ave. and published Circle Magazine.  Both influential precursors to the birth of the Beat movement. 

Jody and George co-authored as Thurston Scott the novel CURE IT WITH HONEY. Here is an entry in Jody's journal from Monday, Aug 30, 1948:

"Day as usual. G. in fine mood. All go to SF at 6 to De Angulo opening, then to A. Nin's, then to Italian restaurant, then to Mona's.  Spend total of 1 fin.  All somewhat sad.  Bed late."

George and Anais Nin at book signing at daliel's
photo by Daliel Leite

Inside daliel's looking toward Telegraph Ave.
photo by George Leite

Jody circa 1950's